Gourmet pronounced gor-MAY is a person who is a food connoisseur.



What does Gourmet Food Mean?

Gourmet refers to high end food, a person with a discerning palate. A person who knows a lot about food and cooking, and who enjoys eating high quality food. Ways to use the term Gourmet include:

  • Gourmet is someone who is a connoisseur of good food and as well drink.
  • Gourmets are also known as foodies.
  • Gourmet food is the highest of quality.
  • A gourmet Restaurants and chefs prepare and serve the food to the highest level.
  • Gourmets enjoy the experience of eating, making, or displaying food.
  • A person who cultivates a discriminating palate for the enjoyment of good food and drink.
  • The person you may have called a gourmet years ago might be called a foodie in today’s terms.
  • “Edible Luxury” best describes gourmet foods.

What are Gourmet Foods?

Some of the best known gourmet foods include foie gras, and paté, caviar, escargot, butter, cheeses, including the prized “triple cremes,” truffles the world’s most valuable mushrooms, served shaved, gourmet chocolate, smoked salmon, oils and vinegars, specialty meats and many more gastronomical delights. Generally, their is a gourmet equivalent of most foods, including bacon and even candy.


Discover a variety of gourmet tea, Jams and honeys. Gourmet tea’s include popular tea flavors like Chai, Earl Gray, Jasmine Green tea, Black Tea and coveted White Tea. And if you’d like scone or muffin with your tea, choose an array of fruit jams, french marmalade and fruit preserves.

Gourmet foods are often found or made in certain locations which we will come on to. The ingredients may be exotic or hard to find in a normal day to day supper market. They might only be sold in limited amounts. Some such as truffles can only be harvested and can’t be cultivated. Truffles grow in harmony with a host tree, enabling the tree to take in phosphorus while in return the truffle receives sugars enabling it to grow.

Getting to know about Gourmet foods?

Exotic spices and herbs from the European countryside create an exhilarating combination of aroma and taste. Spanish saffron, custards, cinnamon and cloves, some dill and rosemary will embellish a myriad of appetizing and zesty dressings, seasonings and gravies. In the same way, Italian virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, malt vinegar is greatfor adding vitality to your salads. Also, olive oil is a more healthy choice when it comes to gourmet cooking.

If creating a gourmet Italian food list, olive oil can’t be left out. Nearly one third of the olive oil in the world is produced in Italy.

Most of this oil comes from central and southern Italy, though a few places in northern Italy grow olives. Extra virgin olive oil, made from the first pressing of the handpicked green olives, is the most flavorful. The climate where the olives grew and methods of extraction give subtle differences to the flavor of the oil. This fruity green oil can be used raw as a condiment or used for cooking Italian sauces, vegetables, seafood, meat or soups.

The king and queen of Italian gourmet foods, the white and black truffle are literary worth their weight in gold and are used as parsimoniously. The most valuable variety is theTuber magnatum, or white truffle, found in Piedmont in the autumn or early winter. These rare Italian food specialties are usually available only locally, though a few manage to be exported at exorbitant prices. Italy also exports the more common, but still expensive, black truffle.


Italian bakery treats are rarely exported due to a short shelf life. Gelato is a dense, rich frozen dessert that is often flavored with nut pastes or local fruits. Famous candies from Italy include gianduia, a chocolate flavored with hazelnut paste, an egg white and nut nougat called torrone, and marrons glacés, whole candied chestnuts. Sugar coated almonds known as confetti have become extremely popular for wedding favors.

Baked desserts are more easily shipped abroad. Well known Italian pastry includes panettone, amaretti cookies, savoiardi (ladyfingers) and almond biscuits called cantucci. Less well known packaged cakes include the fruit and nut filled panforte and colomba. Many of these Italian food products are available for sale internationally. Without stepping on to a plane, it is possible to experience many of the Italian gourmet products.

French Food continues to be dominated by regional products. Artisan cheese, wine, beef, poultry, lamb and veal are available throughout the year. Foods strongly influenced by Mediterranean cuisine are found in Southern France, such as duck confit, tomatoes, olives, mushrooms and herbs.
In Northern France, farmhouse influences can be seen in their use of dairy, pork, potatoes, apples and sausages.

A French meal may be several courses. Throughout the course of French history, the number and order of courses in a dinner has continually shifted. A typical French dinner consists of three courses: the first
is the hors d’oeuvre or entrée, typically an appetizer or soup, next is plat principal, or the main course, and finally a cheese course or dessert. A salad may also be offered prior to the cheese course or
dessert. Wine has always played an important role in French cuisine and is paired with the type of food that it is served with. If the French meal is served in courses, the wine is paired to each course.
Champagne, white, red and sweet dessert wines may all be served during the same meal.

Above are just a few facts about getting to know about a very small selection of gourmet foods. You will find them where ever you travel all around the world, their are thousands of different types of gourmet foods out their. So what are you waiting for go exploring and share with me what you find any recopies, pictures are all welcome.

What is a Gourmet Chef?

Gourmet restaurants prepare dishes from the highest quality ingredients with impeccable technique. They can serve food that challenges the palate or offers a twist from a traditional dish. For
example, a gourmet mac and cheese may use Gruye, a cheese that is almost exclusively made in France and Switzerland. A beef dish such as crab-stuffed filet mignon with whiskey peppercorn sauce is gourmet because the sauce and stuffing are unique and challenge the taste of filet mignon on its own.

A gourmet chef has a very high level of skill in preparing food and making good use of the finest ingredients. The chef may be talented in creating new dishes and using innovative techniques. Skill in thepresentation of food on the plate also defines a gourmet chef.

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